Fellowship of the Spirit Conference
I had the privilege of attending the first annual “FOTS
on the Rocks” this year. Being in AA and recovery for
1½ years, this was a delightful experience. It
enlarged my fellowship as well as deepened my un-
derstanding of what I have been exposed to up until
this point.
The spiritual messages, spoken through fellow AAs
and Al-Anons across the country resounded with the
same truth that is in the text of our Big Book. How
wonderful to see real experience attached to the
Twelve Steps through others’ lives. People, who are
practicing the timeless spiritual principles of our pro-
gram and getting results. The result being a full and
meaningful life, filled with purpose. A far cry from
where we all were when we got here!
The conference’s format was comprised of panel dis-
cussions focusing on the 12 Steps of recovery. They
offered a 60-minute session for steps 1, 2, 3 and 12.
Steps 4 & 5, 6 & 7, 8 & 9 and 10 &11 were combined
in pairs for each hour. They had three speakers on
each panel sharing their experience in doing the
steps. Then the microphone was open for all (AA & Al-
Anon) to share their experience, strength and hope
with each. The room was full and they had to turn
away shares due to time limits and the high degree of
participation. I would recommend “FOTS on the
Rocks” to any member wanting to enlarge his spiritual
life and understand the “whys” of what we do. The
conference closed and they invited all to participate in
a group conscience of the conference. The spirit of
the conference was one of humility, unity, openness,
honesty, sharing, love and respect.
Thanks to all who put it together, participated and at-
tended to make it all that it was.
Erika S.
Prescott Valley