Frequently Asked Questions

Fellowship of the Spirit Arizona is a conference dedicated solely to bringing together family and friends who have founded their recoveries on the common ground of vigorous and continued work as laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We, as both a committee and a fellowship, have found a common ground, a message of hope, and a way of life that is sufficient to recover from alcoholism, and brings us together on a Spiritual path. As such, this conference is dedicated solely to sharing with each other, and with the newcomer the results acquired when following the directions as laid out for us by our founding members. This conference, too, has participation from Alanon Family Groups, who also have found the application of this book beneficial in working with family members, trapped in the family disease of alcoholism. Our hope for you is that you find a renewed sense of purpose and of continued Spirited growth by spending the weekend with us here.

There are plenty of hotels and resorts in and around Sedona. The conference is being held at the Poco Diablo Resort and they are offering special room rates for attendees, See the Lodging Page

Go Here to register online.

Currently the only beverages that will be available are water and coffee.

Thank for asking! Please email info@fotsaz.org

As soon as possible. Space is limited and the conference generally sells out a couple of weeks before it starts. In addition, the resort’s special rates expire December 15th.